Freche Freunde Children's Snack Pretzels Chickpea


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For everyone 12 months and over in the family

 European Certified Organic 

EU organic label


The delightful crunch of Freche Freunde Cheeky Pretzels Chickpea offers a playful snacking experience for kids! Crafted from 100% organic ingredients, including wholemeal spelt flour and chickpea flour, these pretzels are free from added salt and perfect for tiny hands and teeth.

Cheeky Pretzels Chickpea are more than just a snack—they're a hearty and crunchy delight for children. Partnering with Kiki Chickpea and her favorite grain, spelt, this snack was created both fun and nutritious. Say goodbye to bland flavors and hello to the savory goodness of the chickpea pretzels, made with whole grain spelt flour and chickpea flour.

Packed with organic and vegan ingredients, cheeky snack pretzels are a testament to commitment to quality. Kiki Chickpea adds a playful twist to these pretzels, ensuring even the fussiest eaters will love them. Ideal for on-the-go munching or cozy snacking at home, these light and crunchy pretzels are the perfect addition to any lunchbox. So, give your little one a taste of crunchy joy with chickpea pretzel snack—because with Freche Freunde, every bite is a playful adventure!

WHEAT flour* 53%, wholemeal SPELLED flour* 27%, chickpea flour* 11%, rapeseed oil*, BARLEY malt extract*, salt, yeast, pretzel lye (sodium hydroxide). *from organic farming

°Spelt is a type of wheat May contain traces of SESAME. Please note the information on allergens.


Contains spelled and spelled products. Contains barley and barley products. May contain traces of sesame seeds and sesame seed products

  • Kiki’s pretzel variant “chickpea”
  • Pretzels with whole grain spelled flour & chickpea flour
  • Naturally organic
  • Practical for on the go
  • Pretzels without sprinkling salt
  • Ideal for small hands and teeth

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