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Jovie believes that goat milk just makes good sense when it comes to infant formula.

Jovie is a Dutch brand that stands for honest bottle feeding, located in the Netherlands, one of the world's largest dairy countries.

They say "We know what we're doing, and we have a clear vision in mind. Our European organic certification raises the bar even higher, for the benefit of the animals, the planet, and our children's future. Jovie stands for innovative, well-thought-out, and high-quality infant formulas."

Experience the wholesome richness of full-fat goodness with our organic whole goat milk formula. As babies derive a significant portion of their energy from fat, we prioritize using organic whole goat milk as the primary ingredient in our formulations. Goat milk fat boasts a uniquely natural composition, reflecting our commitment to harnessing nature's offerings while excluding unwanted additives like palm oil.

Embrace purity, organics, and sustainability with Jovie. Our infant formulas are certified organic in adherence to European standards, ensuring that only the purest goat milk is utilized, free from fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, and hormones. Our goats graze freely, contributing to the natural goodness of our products.

Discover the essence of purity and naturalness in our selection of organic ingredients, meticulously chosen for their quality and minimal environmental impact.

Say no to palm oil, soy, and maltodextrin. Jovie presents a superior choice enriched with AA (arachidonic acid) and GOS (galacto-oligosaccharide) for enhanced nourishment. Choose Jovie Goat for a holistic infant formula experience that goes beyond the ordinary.