HiPP Goat Milk Formula Stage 2

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Our products are not expired and the approximate Expiration date is in 8-10 months or more.

Content weight: 0.88 lb (400 grams) per box - From 6 to12 months of age

 If you're looking for a gentle formula for your little one, HiPP’s formula made with naturally mild organic goat’s milk is soft on tiny tummies. The organic skimmed goat milk, lactose, and vegetable oils make an ideal base for baby formula.

HiPP's organic goat milk is naturally A2 or in other words, A1 beta-casein free. Unlike cow's milk which is typically A1, A2 goat’s milk is better suited to sensitive tummies because it is digested more quickly, easily, and entirely by babies.

HiPP’s formula mimics breast milk to bring your baby formula with the natural benefits of human milk. Like breastmilk, HiPP’s formula contains prebiotics that helps to promote healthy gut flora and digestion. Prebiotics has also been found to improve bowel movements and reduce colic in infants.

  • For babies 0 to 6 months
  • Organic skim goat’s milk
  • Easier to digest A2 milk protein
  • Enriched with prebiotics (GOS)
  • NO starch or maltodextrin
  • NO harmful chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, or GMOs