HiPP Hippis Kinder Pouches Mixpack - 4x100g

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HiPP Hippis Mixpack fruits are suitable as part of a mixed weaning diet beginning at 12 months.

Ideal for in-between and on the go, the HiPP Hippis fruit squeeze bags are also available in a practical mix pack, 4x100g.

Babies after the first year taste the delicious organic fruits just as well as children, adolescents, and adults.

  • With the PLUS of zinc, acerola, iron, or vegetables
  • No added sugar 
  • Ideal as a dessert or  fruity snack between meals
  • HiPP organic quality
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Vegan recipe


Pomegranate acerola in apple raspberry: fruit* 100% (apples* 88%, raspberries* 7%, pomegranate juice* 3.0%, aronia juice* from aronia juice concentrate, acerola* 1.0%).

Apple Mango Carrot Sweet Potato: apples* 65%, mangoes* 15%, carrots* 12%, sweet potatoes* 8%.

Red fruits in apple pear with iron: Fruit** 100% [apples* 63%, pears* 25%, red fruits** 12% (blueberries*, blackcurrants*, aronia juice

Mango Pineapple in Apple Peach with Zinc: Fruits 100% (apples* 60%, peaches* 20%, mangoes* 10%, pineapples* 9%, acerola* 1.0%), zinc sulphate.

*From organic production

**From aronia juice concentrate)], iron sulfate.