Holle Bio Wholegrain Rice Baby Porridge

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For 5+/6+ Months Old Babies


 Holle organic rice baby cereal is an ideal first-weaning porridge. Gluten-free and easy for little tummies to digest, it is made from whole grain and is packed with goodness, including eight essential amino acids as well as necessary vitamins and minerals, ready for your baby’s growing needs.

* contains naturally occurring sugars

The wholemeal rice is processed into an easily digestible form suitable for babies. The grain starch is gently broken down with heat and moisture and is therefore easily usable by the baby's maturing organism. By using the whole grain, the valuable nutrients and active ingredients of the grain are largely retained.

Versatile in use. Quick and easy preparation without boiling. A cereal milk paste can be prepared with breast milk, infant formula, or fresh milk. Water is also suitable as a milk-free variant from the start of baby food and preparation with fruit or vegetables as part of mixed baby food.

!!!   Please note that this product is produced in 2 different packages, each designed specifically as required by target market countries' regulations. Regardless of the differences in packages, both contain the same product with the exact same ingredients and are produced in the same farming/producing facility.

Preparation: Easy to prepare using either breast milk, baby formula or just water for a delicious and wholesome porridge.
Mix 120ml of milk with 4 tablespoons (15g) of cereal and stir.
This is only a guide. You can prepare Holle Porridges to the texture and quantity that your baby prefers.

Country of origin of the main ingredient: Italy

Ingredients: Wholegrain 100% rice flour*, Vitamin B1 (required by law).
* from organic agriculture
ALLERGY ADVICE: for the EU 14 major food allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in CAPITAL LETTERS (if any).