Holle Milk Cereal with Banana

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Holle Organic Milk Cereal with Banana is suitable as part of a mixed diet after 6 months of age. The milk cereal porridge makes an ideal evening meal and helps your baby get used to spoons and new foods.

Organic Milk Cereal with Bananas is made from 99 % organically produced ingredients. Made from Demeter wholegrain spelt, premium organic vegetable oil, and organic milk from cows raised in their natural environment (according to EU organic regulations).

Please note: Please always feed the porridge with a spoon. Replaces a bottle meal as part of a mixed diet after 4 months. Do not give to babies under 4 months as a substitute for breast milk. Ideal as an evening snack to get babies used to a new diet. Follow the preparation instructions on the package.

- Always prepare fresh food. Do not use leftovers.

Preparation: Easy to prepare – just boil water and stir in the Milk Cereal with Bananas.

Step 1: Boil 130ml water and cool it down to about 50° C.

Step 2: Pour into a dish and stir 4-5 tablespoons of Holle Organic Milk Cereal with Banana (40g) into the water

Step 3: Stir and wait until it cools to consumption temperature (approx. 37 ° C).

Ingredients: Demeter wholegrain wheat flour** 34 %, whey powder* partly demineralized 21 %, skimmed milk powder* 16,2 %, palm oil*, dehydrated banana pulp* 8,5 %, maltodextrin*, calcium carbonate, vitamin A, thiamin, vitamin D.

* from organic farming
** from biodynamic farming

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Adrine Madatyan
Baby's Favorite

My daughters favorite cereal in the mornings and/or at night before bedtime to keep her full for sleep.

Tastes good! Baby loves it!