Holle Whole Grain and Berry Muesli - 250g

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For 12 months and older

  • With a great berry flavor and sweetness only from fruit thanks to organic raspberries and organic strawberries
  • 100% organic ingredients and valuable biodynamic Demeter ingredients, including delicious oat flakes that are slightly chunkier than in our junior mueslis and therefore ideal for children aged 1 year and over
  • Without sugar*, added salt, spices or flavors
  • Dairy-free
    * naturally contains sugar

Delight your child with the wholesome allure of Holle Whole Grain and Berry Muesli, a meticulously crafted blend offering an explosion of intense berry flavor and natural sweetness derived exclusively from organic raspberries and strawberries.

This muesli is a testament to its commitment to 100% organic ingredients, guaranteeing a nutritious and flavorsome experience. Notably, it features valuable biodynamic Demeter ingredients, underscoring its dedication to quality sourcing.

Distinguished by its slightly chunkier oat flakes, tailored for children aged 1 year and above, this blend provides a satisfying crunch in each spoonful, adding a delightful texture to the experience.

Holle's Whole Grain and Berry Muesli stands out for what it excludes – no added sugar, salt, spices, or flavorings. Catering to various dietary preferences, it is also dairy-free, making it a versatile and health-conscious choice.

The muesli's natural sweetness stems from the fruits it contains, ensuring a tasteful experience without compromising on nutritional integrity. Elevate your child's breakfast or snack time with the nourishing goodness of Holle Whole Grain and Berry Muesli – a perfect fusion of organic and flavorful enjoyment!

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Violetta Mikhaylyants
My son love it