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Perfect immune boost for hard-working yet HARDER LOVING parents, and everyone around...

Our Amazing Ginger Tea is made of the finest organic Ginger roots. You will definitely feel the AMAZINGness of it right after the first sip.

The genus name zingiber is from Old English gingifer, from Medieval Latin gingiber, from Latin zingiberi, from Greek zingiberis. The word apparently was readopted in Middle English from Old French gingibre (Modern French gingembre). Meaning "spirit, spunk, temper" is from 1843, American English. "Ginger-ale" was recorded and in use by 1822; and ginger-snap as a type of cookie is from 1855, in American English.

Ginger is a culinary staple, especially in Asian cooking. But what you may not know is that it has many uses beyond flavoring for your favorite dish. In fact, ginger is one of the best herbs you can use for stomach complaints and beyond.

Ginger has been used in China and Europe for thousands of years to treat problems with the stomach and to treat respiratory infections such as the cold and flu. And even now, modern herbalists prescribe ginger in the same way.

You can take advantage of using ginger in your medicinal routine by using it to treat the problems that ail you. For example, a ginger infusion can help to relieve problems with nausea and indigestion. If you’re suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy, ginger can be particularly useful to soothe your stomach. It won’t harm your baby and it will allow you to have some relief.

Ginger can also help with problems with motion sickness and nausea that come as a result of chemotherapy and radiation. It’s a natural way to calm the stomach and give you relief so you can rest and heal.

If you have a cold, eating foods that contain ginger or drinking a ginger infusion can also provide you with relief. It can help to reduce your symptoms and give you relief from headaches and chills associated with fever. It will also help to relieve you from stomach upset due to mucous drainage.

The good news about ginger is that unlike some other herbal remedies, it’s a delicious answer to what ails your body. Ginger is very pleasant to the taste and drinking ginger tea is not a chore.

Keeping ginger a part of your everyday routine can also be good for your health. It’s thought to decrease the number of infections that you get and actually improve your heart health. Ginger is thought to help reduce cholesterol and actually keep the arteries free from plaque that can lead to heart disease.
Once made into a tea or iced tea, you can add peppermint, honey, or lemon to mask the taste of the ginger. Here’s why you should have this soothing beverage.

Known benefits of ginger tea, summed up:

Boosts immunity
Relieves nausea
Improves stomach performance
Reduces inflammation
Fights respiratory problems
Improves blood circulation
Relieves menstrual discomfort
Relieves stress
& ...

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Unlike how many tea bags in the market tend to be made, our teabags are not filled with residues of the loose-leaf teas but contain exactly the loose-leaf teas we sell by weight.